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History and Missions

The Interinstitutional Consortium for Indigenous Knowledge was established at the Pennsylvania State University in 1995 to promote communication among university faculty, staff, students, and townspeople who share an interest in the diverse local knowledge systems that enables communities to survive in a changing world. 

After changing its name to the Interinstitutional Center for Indigenous Knowledge, ICIK became the only indigenous knowledge resource center in North America with a global focus when an extensive indigenous knowledge resource collection amassed by Dr. Michael Warren at Iowa State University’s Center for Indigenous Knowledge in Agriculture and Rural Development (CIKARD) was acquired by the Pennsylvania State University Libraries.    

ICIK does not independently undertake indigenous knowledge research, preferring instead to build collaborative relationships that lead to interdisciplinary research addressing issues of community scholarship and resulting in a transformation of the academy to embrace reciprocal outreach to, and in-reach from, local communities.