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The CIKARD Collection

In 2010 Penn State acquired the original Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Rural Development (CIKARD) collection of over 2,000 items amassed by Dr. Michael Warren at Iowa State.

The original collection was organized by a simple accession number and was not associated with the Iowa State library. The bibliography of these items, organized into 11 broad subject categories, was only available through the Internet Archive.

We are adding all items to an online bibliography. Where possible, we will provide a link in each record to available full-text or expanded online information via publisher sites or WorldCat records. We will also be adding information about new online and print materials to the bibliography.

If you would like a copy of any of these publications and are unable to find one via Google or your library, contact us and tell us exactly (author, title) which publication you need.

Collection Categories


Aquatic Resources




Natural Resource Management



Sustainable Agriculture

Traditional Medicine

Water Management